Why should you train your dog?
What are the benefits of enrolling your dog in private lessons?
What do private lessons involve?
How much do lessons cost?
How many lessons will I need?
How do I schedule a consultation and sign up for lessons?
Where are lessons offered?
How is Pedogogy different than other dog trainers?

Why should you train your dog?

  • Training your dog through individual lessons is a good investment that will save time, frustration, and money in the end, considering the lifespan of your dog.
  • It may save your dog’s life one day. Having worked at a no-kill shelter for two years, Jen knows the sad reality of how many dogs are relinquished to shelters due to behavior problems. These dogs could have easily stayed in their homes had their owners invested in training. Dogs not fortunate enough to be surrendered to a no-kill shelter are often euthanized.
  • Positive training also creates a strong bond between you and your dog; it creates the foundation for a loving, lasting relationship.
  • It creates happier dogs and happier owners; it builds confidence in dogs and owners alike.
  • Training teaches your dog life skills, such as where to potty and manners, so that he or she can understand the house rules and cohabitate successfully with you.

What are the benefits of enrolling your dog in one-on-one lessons?

  • You and your dog receive lots of individual attention.
  • They are convenient. Most owners prefer to have lessons in the comfort of their own homes. Lessons are also offered at flexible, convenient times, unlike set times of a group class.
  • Since Jen asks you what your training goals are, lessons are customized to achieve your goals, whether your goals are to teach your dog obedience cues or to stop Fido from growling over his food bowl.
  • They address issues that are specific to your home environment. Many issues that affect your dog occur in your home and only your home, such as counter surfing, housebreaking, jumping on guests, digging, bolting, begging, or chewing.
  • They address issues that typically are not covered in group classes. These are issues such as nipping/mouthing, excessive barking, phobias and fearful behavior, separation anxiety, resource guarding (food, toys, items), handling, arousal control, aggression, and confidence building.

What do one-on-one lessons involve?

  • Before any lessons can take place, you will need to set up a consultation with Jen. Consultations take place in the comfort of your own home. Consultations cost $125, are nonrefundable, and typically take 2 hours. Jen will take a thorough history of your dog and then go over your training goals. She will also review the client agreement form with you at this time. 
  • After that, Jen will write a customized training plan.
  • The first lesson typically runs 2 hours; during the first hour, Jen will review  your goals, provide you with important information about dogs and being an owner, and address any questions you have. During the second hour, Jen begins to train you and your dog. She will work with your dog first before having you demonstrate what you’ve learned. 
  • The second and subsequent lessons typically run 1 hour and focus on training: teaching cues and ways to modify your dog’s behavior. Jen demonstrates timing and techniques and then has you demonstrate them to show your understanding. 
  • Jen is training you, the owner, how to work with your dog. After all, you are the one who interacts with your dog the most. You want your dog to respond to you. Training is only as effective as the work you put into it every day; when your dog is learning something new, he or she will need constant reinforcement. Jen shows you how to do that.

How much do lessons cost?

  • Consultations are $125 and are nonrefundable.  
  • At-home one-on-one lessons for Raleigh residents only are $125 per lesson after the initial consultation. Rates for each additional dog in the same household are 50% off ($62.50) if multiple dogs are noted during the consultation. Packages of 5 lessons are available at a discounted rate: $575 for the first dog (a savings of $50), $287.50 for an additional dog if purchased at the same time.
  • Financial assistance is available for those experiencing economic hardship.

How many lessons will I need?

  • The number of lessons required depends on many factors: the severity of the issue(s) at hand, the number of training goals you wish to achieve, the rate of your dog’s progress in achieving those goals, your comfort level during training (some people feel they need more or less time to accomplish goals), and your commitment to working with your dog.
  • Most goals require 3-5 lessons for Jen to train you. Jen gives you the tools to work with your dog; however, training is only as effective as the work you put into it every day.
  • Purchase as many lessons as you need in order for you and your dog to succeed.

How do I schedule a consultation and sign up for lessons?

  • Lessons are by appointment only.
  • Call, text, or email Jen using the contact link.

Where are individual lessons offered?

  • Lessons are given in the comfort of your own home.
  • Jen travels to your home and works with clients who live within the Raleigh city limits only. 

How is Pedogogy different than other dog trainers?

Jen uses only positive, humane, reward-based training. She doesn’t allow the use of choke chains, prong/pinch collars, or shock/”training” collars. She also doesn’t use the aversive training methods of several local trainers who believe in tethering dogs to their “place.” Additionally, she does not subscribe to a particular TV celebrity’s methods or his belief in dominance, pack theory, or being the alpha leader. Simply put, Jen believes that dogs are not wolves. They are our companions, members of our family, our best friends, and they deserve our utmost respect and love. Jen doesn’t believe in training the dogness out of dogs. Dogs should be well behaved, but they are still dogs, and we should allow them to be. Let them roll in the grass, sniff bushes, and chase squirrels.

As a trainer, Jen works with owners and their dogs to make their bond stronger and their lives together more enjoyable. She focuses on relationship building through obedience, problem solving, and behavior modification to make the best out of the dog-owner relationship. Most of all, she believes in accepting and appreciating dogs for who they are, not who their owners want them to be.