Dog Training Client Testimonials

Here’s what people are saying about Pedogogy Dog Training:

“Jen saved my dog! As I left the rescue shelter with my 10-week-old puppy, River, I knew I was in need of guidance. Being a first-time dog owner, I was very aware of my naïveté when it came to training. After thorough online research, I decided to reach out to Jen, as her philosophy and approach were most in line with my own. Little did I know, contacting Jen was the absolute best decision I could have made. I purchased the package of 5 training sessions plus the initial in-home consult. Jen truly listened to my hopes for River and me, tailoring a lesson plan just for us. She provided me with a wealth of information in a down-to-earth and easily relatable way. Jen was (and still is!) always available to answer questions between sessions as well. Months after our 5 sessions were complete, River started showing signs of extreme anxiety, aggression, and resource guarding. I immediately reached out to Jen. With a mix of terrier, shepherd, and beagle, this behavior was likely genetic and could have been completely out of my control. With Jen’s help, however, we constructed a new intensive training plan, during which we were to essentially reshape River’s mind, thereby easing his fear and aggression. The basic building blocks of this new training plan were all the skills and techniques Jen taught me during those first 5 sessions. Sit-wait, off, leave it, watch me, down-stay became the foundation that made it possible for me to communicate with my dog through training. It has taken a lot of work, time, and patience, but River is improving every day. It’s now been a month without any negative or concerning behaviors. I am so glad I did not wait to hire Jen until I had a big problem. I am also thankful I did not hire a trainer that promoted punishment or ‘alpha dog’ based techniques, as I can see firsthand how these would have worsened the situation and irreparably damaged my relationship with my dog. I know in my heart that without Jen’s tutelage, River’s behavior would have escalated into something uncontrollable and dangerous. Instead, I am loving life with my best bud! Thank you, Jen!”

Darcey T.

“We contacted Jen after our rescue dog started displaying aggression and resource guarding. He weighs 150 pounds, so that kind of behavior can go from bad to the emergency room quickly, so we wanted to get a handle on the issue.  Jen worked with us on basic obedience as well as taking treats gently, making friends with strangers, and learning to let go of resources that he wants to guard.  She really trained us on how to be better pet owners and knowing how to react to some of his behavior. Every day, I am grateful that we found Jen. Otis sits and waits patiently for his food, takes treats gently, is happy to meet (most) strangers, and does not guard his crate or toys anymore.”

Mikki P.

“Jen is amazing! She has helped train us and our dog, Emma. We can’t say enough about her knowledge, expertise, and the attention we received. She interviewed us thoroughly before starting to understand both our and Emma’s needs and gave us a thorough, written, custom training plan. Jen always gave plenty of time for the two-legged and four-legged family members to understand the reasons and background for the training. Her extreme professional approach is equal to how much she cares for everyone’s best interest. Emma loves Jen, as do we.”

Lynn K.

“We adopted a rescue dog at Saving Grace in February 2019. We immediately contacted Jen and scheduled our first meeting. Jen was extremely professional, punctual, organized, and knowledgeable.She listened to our concerns and constructed a list of learning goals for our dear dog. In between lessons, we remained in touch via email with any concerns or updates experienced. My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased. Our sweet boy has grown immensely. It’s a process, and we have a long way to go, but I fully recommend Jen for all of your training needs.”

Eddie A.

“Jen is amazing! We feel more empowered and have a much better relationship with our dogs! I’m already so amazed at the progress we’ve all made together. Highly recommend!”

Tara H.

“As a first-time pet owner, I didn’t know where to begin when it came to training my puppy. Jen worked with Governor and me to develop a personalized training plan that incorporated my top concerns. I now receive frequent compliments on how well behaved my 7-month-old puppy is! I would hands down recommend Jen to anyone who needs a little help training the perfect pup! Thank you again for all of your help!”

Hillary M.

“I wish to heartily recommend Jen Hendrickson as a dog trainer.  My dog had been quarantined for biting someone at the end of 2013.  Since I volunteer at Second Chance Pet Shelter, I asked for a recommendation for a dog trainer.  Thank goodness, Jen was recommended!  She started working with my dog Patches and me shortly after. She quickly recognized the major issue was that Patches was an extremely fearful dog and that I had to give him more guidance. She has been diligent in working with both me and my dad, who also lives in the house. It is now possible to walk Patches and not worry about what will happen—something that was difficult before.  She made suggestions to help Patches get more accustomed to everyday life (such as knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell throughout the day) without going into his Cujo mode. My father recently had some vertigo issues; Patches seemed to know this and act accordingly. My neighbors and visitors to my house have been impressed with how much calmer he is now. I still have a lot of work to do with him, but with Jen’s help, we will continue with our forward progress. I ask Jen for help on specific issues that I need to work on, and she always provides practical, effective answers. I was very worried that nothing could be done to help my dog and me; Jen Hendrickson was the answer to my prayers. She saved Patches. I heartily recommend Jen as a trainer to anyone who needs help with their dog.”

Phyllis D.

“Being overwhelmed with a six-week-old Jack Russell Terrier puppy, I Googled for the best pet trainer in North Raleigh. That’s how we found Jen. We had to wait six weeks because she was so booked out, but it was worth it. She came for the consultation and started the week after with a five-week plan. Bobby was a heavy chewer and chewed everything: mostly our hands and feet but also furniture, carpets, shoes, etc. Bobby was highly energetic, and we truly had our hands full keeping him under control. Jen taught us step by step how to train him and get rid of the destructive behavior. He needed to learn to listen and to follow some rules. Going for a walk with him was difficult; every other step, he just plopped down on the pavement and refused to walk. He didn’t go potty on the walks, but the minute we stepped into the house, he did it! Regarding food, he just flipped out, barking like crazy and wanting his food in a split second. He was stubborn and insisted things had to be done his way. Bobby is now six months old and acts like a normal puppy. He follows the rules, waits for his food, and has reduced his barking. He has learned not to chew everything and accepts that our hands and feet are not his toys. He is now potty trained and walks up to two miles. We are very happy, and Bobby has adjusted tremendously. Without Jen’s valuable instructions, we would have had a very hard time managing the situation. Thank you, Jen!”

Inga M.

“Jen is so amazing & passionate about her profession. I’m so glad we found her!”

Brooke W.

“Working with Jen has been an amazing experience. We had no idea that what we thought was the ‘right way’ to teach our dogs was actually so wrong, based on how a dog actually learns and associates things. It completely makes sense now that Jen explained the learning process. When first coming to Jen, our dogs were just plain spoiled and could basically do whatever they wanted all the time. While we still spoil our dogs, Jen has taught us how to teach them manners around new people, respect us, and listen when instructed to do something.

It’s amazing how fast our pups are learning! We, and the dogs, look forward to every lesson! And her treats are ‘doggie crack’ for sure! We can’t say thank you enough! Thank you, Jen!”

Joan S.

“If you are in the Raleigh area, and you need help training your dog, I cannot recommend Jen Hendrickson enough. She really cares about your dog and makes it very clear that it is up to you to do the work of training your dog. She’s amazing!”

Paige B.

“Jen is the Pied Piper of dogs. It is simply amazing to watch her work with our dog!”

Walt B.

“Jen was so amazing with my Golden Retriever puppy. My 16-week-old puppy behaves better than most adult dogs now! Jen has such a lovely and nice training method. I highly recommend her!”

Brie T.

“We just had our first training lesson and could not be happier! Jen really understands dogs and their owners. This training method is a great fit for me and my dog. I researched every trainer in The Triangle and am so happy to have found Pedogogy. It’s the right fit for me.”

Shaylene A.