What Is Pedogogy?

What Is Pedogogy?

Pedagogy (pronounced peh•duh•go•gee) is defined as the principles and methods of instruction, the art and science of teaching. As a former English teacher, Jen Hendrickson’s career revolved around pedagogy. As an entrepreneur, she has combined pedagogy with her love of dogs to form Pedogogy: a dog-training business geared toward educating dogs and their people. Pedogogy is the art and science of teaching dogs and their people.

What Services Does Pedogogy Offer?

Pedogogy provides at-home one-on-one lessons. Pedogogy’s purpose goes beyond training; it serves to educate owners on positive ways to train and care for their dogs, to teach responsible pet ownership, and to raise awareness of dog-welfare issues.

What Is Pedogogy’s Mission Statement?

Life with a dog should be fulfilling, not frustrating. That is why Pedogogy’s mission is to provide reward-based training methods to dogs and their people, to teach relationship-building exercises that will deepen the bond between dog and owner, to educate owners about responsible dog ownership, to raise awareness of dog welfare, and to share the joys of owning a dog.