About Pedogogy's Dog Trainer

What Is Pedogogy?

Pedagogy (pronounced peh•duh•go•gee) is defined as the principles and methods of instruction, the art and science of teaching. As a former English teacher, Jen Hendrickson’s career revolved around pedagogy. As an entrepreneur, she has combined pedagogy with her love of dogs to form Pedogogy: a dog-training business geared toward educating dogs and their people. Pedogogy is the art and science of teaching dogs and their people.

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What Makes Pedogogy Unique?

Some competitors may offer training, but they don’t focus on training since they offer so many additional services like grooming, boarding, or selling food and other specialty products. Pedogogy focuses on training. The training offered at chain pet stores takes place in a small training area, and since training is often done during store hours, there are too many distractions for learning to take place. Dogs require an area with few distractions, especially during the initial learning phase. Dogs also require a larger area where they can have enough distance between themselves and other dogs and owners in the class. Pedogogy offers one-on-one private lessons, which occur in the dog’s home: a more relaxed, peaceful, and effective environment from what chain pet stores offer.

In addition, some competitors employ several trainers, which can make training philosophies and techniques inconsistent from one trainer to another. At Pedogogy, Jen Hendrickson is the sole trainer, so the methods she uses to teach you to train your dog are consistent from client to client.

Some competitors’ classes are not comprehensive, either, which make it inconvenient and costly for clients who have to enroll their dogs in multiple classes to achieve their goals. The private lessons offered by Pedogogy are tailored to your and your dog’s needs; therefore, they go beyond the basic obedience cues taught in most group classes. As a former teacher, Jen understands that optimal learning takes place when one-on-one attention can be given and individual needs addressed; accomplishing these goals can be challenging in a group setting.

Perhaps what sets Pedogogy apart the most from its competition is the experience of the owner and trainer.

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